The Pantocrator (Christ the Almighty), fresco in the Church of Our Savior, Ilyin Street, Novgorod. Theophanes the GREEK

Theophanes the GREEK (1330s – c. 1415)

“A famous sage, a wise philosopher, a master who excelled in decoration of manuscripts and the best of icon-painters”, such were the words of the educated monk Epiphany the Wise about his contemporary Theophanes the Greek.

Rasing of Lazarus. Andrei RUBLYOV

Andrei RUBLYOV (c.1370 – 1430)

In one of the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow there is a work which ranks among the greatest achievements of world art — the icon entitled The Holy Trinity. In his depiction of the traditional Biblical subject—the appearance of the three angels to Sarah and Abraham—the artist expresses a profoundly human, philosophical idea. …

Holy Virgin (Hodegitria). DIONYSIUS

DIONYSIUS (c.1440-1502/08)

Dionysius was well-known even in his youth and worked all over Muscovy. Other than this, little is known about his life. Between 1467 and 1477 he and the painter Mitrofan decorated the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in the St. Pafnuty Monastery, and then he went to Moscow, where he painted the …