Portrait of an Actress. 1960. Oil on canvas, 100x62cm. Collection Ye.M. Nutovich

Vladimir Grigoryevich Veisberg (1924-1985)

Painter. Studied at studio of Unions, Moscow (1943-8), and studios of Mashkov and Osmyorkin. Participated in exhibitions from 1956 including Exhibition of the Nine (Moscow), Exhibition of the Eight (Leningrad). One-man shows in Paris (1984) and Moscow (1987). Taught in studio of Union of Architects of the USSR. Lived and worked in Moscow.

Composition. 1921. Gouache on paper, 28x20cm. Collection D.V. Sarabyanov

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Vesnin (1883-1959)

Painter, architect, theatre designer and graphic artist. Studied at Institute of Civil Engineers, St Petersburg (1909-12), studio of Yuon, Moscow (1907-10) and studio of Tsionglinsky, St Petersburg (1909-11). From 1909 participated in exhibitions. Worked in Tatlin’s studio, Moscow (1912-14). Visited Italy (1913-14). Designed decorations for Red Square for 1 May 1918 with Viktor Vesnin. Member …

Plate “Long Live the 8th Congress of Soviets”. 1920. On side, inscriptions “Long Live the 8th Congress of Soviets 1920” in black paint. On dish, multi-coloured painting, large flowers and leaves. Body: IFZ “Nikolai II” “GFZ 1920”. Painted over glaze. Diameter, 24 cm. Collection V.A. Dudakov and M.K. Kashuro

Rudolf Fyodorovich Vilde – Vilde von Videlman (1987-1942)

Draughtsman, ceramic artist/designer. Studied at drawing school of Prokhorov Three Hills Factory, Moscow, and TSUTRISH, St Petersburg (1894-9). Travelled in France, Germany and Italy on a grant (1899-1902). From 1902 participated in exhibitions including Society of Russian Watercolourists, Seventh Exhibition of Community of Artists, Artist of Russian Republic over a Period of 15 Years. Draughtsman …

In the wagon. 1925. Oil on canvas, 113x113cm. Collection V.S. and L.I. Semyonov

Aleksandr Nikolaevich Volkov (1886-1957)

Painter and graphic artist. Studied at Faculty of Natural Sciences, St Petersburg University (1906-8), Academy of Arts (1908-10) under Makovsky, in private school of Bernshteyn (1910-12) under Bilibin, Roerich and Shervud, and at Art School, Kiev (1912-16) under Krichevsky and Menk. Was strongly influenced by work of Vrubel. From 1916 lived and worked in Tashkent. …

Mannequin. c.1916. Oil on canvas, 98x70cm. Collection N.N. Efron-Blokh

Aleksandr Yevgenyevich Yakovlev (1887-1938)

Painter. Studied at Academy of Arts (1904-13) under Kardovsky. From 1909 participated in exhibitions including Union of Russian Artists, World of Art. Traveled and worked in Italy, Spain (1913-15), Mongolia, China and Japan (1917-18). From 1920 lived in Paris.

Portrait of the Composer A.Lurye. Sketch for book cover “Carved Patterns” 1918. Gouache on canvas 38x30cm. Collection S.A. Shuster and Ye.V.Kryukova

Georgy Bogdanovich Yakulov (1884-1928)

Painter, graphic artist and theatre designer. Studied at Lazarev Institute of Eastern Languages, Moscow (1894-1900), studio of Yuon, and MUZHVZ (1901-2). From 1906 participated in exhibitions including MTKH, The Wreath, Worl of Art, OBMOKHU. Travelled in Italy and France (1908, 1911-13). Signed Futurist Manifesto in 1914. Designed interior of Café Pittoresk, Moscow with Tatlin and …

A-6. 1985. Oil on canvas, 220x320cm. Collection the artist.

Vadim Arisovich Zakharov (b.1959)

Painter. Studied at Faculty of Art and Graphics, Moscow State Pedagogical Institute from 1977.Member of Hermitage group (1987). Lives and works in Moscow. Exhibited since 1978 in USSR, and abroad in New York (1983), Washington (1985), New York (1987), Madrid (1988) and Berne (1988).

Group with Self Portrait. 1937. Oil on canvas, 55,5x65,5cm. Collection Ye.P.Zaltsman

Pavel Yakovlevich Zaltsman (1912-85)

Painter, graphic artist and theatre and film designer. Studied at First Artist Studio, Leningrad, and State Institute for History of Art. Illustrated for magazines Rezets [Chisel], Stroyka [Building], Yunyy Proletariy [Young Proletariat], and designed for cinema. Worked at School of Analytical Art of Filonov (1930). From 1943 lived and worked in Kazakhstan. Exhabited from early …

Orchestral Self Portrait (V. Gudiashvili, Kara-Dervish, K. Zdanevich, A. Kruchyonykh). 1917. Watercolour on paper, 76,5x153cm. Collection S.A. Shuster and Ye.V. Kryukova

Kyril Mikhailovich Zdanevich (1882-1970)

Graphic artist, painter and theatre designer. Studied at School of Painting and Sculpture, Tbilisi (early 1900s) under Sklifasovsky, Academy of Arts (1911) and in Paris (1912-14). From 1912 participated in exhibitions including Donkey’s Tail, Target. Worked at Tatlin’s studio, “The Tower” (1913-15). Lived in Tbilisi (1917-25) and then in Moscow. Discovered work of Georgian primitive …

Zhegin Lev Fyodorovich. Family. 1920

Lev Fyodorovich Zhegin (1892-1969)

Painter and graphic artist. Studied in Moscow at studio of Yuon and Dudin, MUZHVZ (1911-18) and SVOMAS (1918-19). Son of architect Shekhtel. Lived in Moscow. Founder-member of society Makovets (1922-6) and group Way of Painting (1927-30). Participated in exhibitions from 1915. Together with Chekrigin illustrated first book of Mayakovsky’s poetry, I (1913).