Georgy Bogdanovich Yakulov (1884-1928)

Portrait of the Composer A.Lurye. Sketch for book cover “Carved Patterns” 1918. Gouache on canvas 38x30cm. Collection S.A. Shuster and Ye.V.Kryukova

Painter, graphic artist and theatre designer. Studied at Lazarev Institute of Eastern Languages, Moscow (1894-1900), studio of Yuon, and MUZHVZ (1901-2). From 1906 participated in exhibitions including MTKH, The Wreath, Worl of Art, OBMOKHU. Travelled in Italy and France (1908, 1911-13). Signed Futurist Manifesto in 1914. Designed interior of Café Pittoresk, Moscow with Tatlin and Rodchenko (1917). From 1918 worked for theatres including Tairov’s Kamerny Theatre. Designed Prokofiev’s Pas d’Acier for Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes (1927). Taught at SVOMAS (1918-19), and then at VKHUTEMAS.