Rudolf Fyodorovich Vilde – Vilde von Videlman (1987-1942)

Plate “Long Live the 8th Congress of Soviets”. 1920. On side, inscriptions “Long Live the 8th Congress of Soviets 1920” in black paint. On dish, multi-coloured painting, large flowers and leaves. Body: IFZ “Nikolai II” “GFZ 1920”. Painted over glaze. Diameter, 24 cm. Collection V.A. Dudakov and M.K. Kashuro

Draughtsman, ceramic artist/designer. Studied at drawing school of Prokhorov Three Hills Factory, Moscow, and TSUTRISH, St Petersburg (1894-9). Travelled in France, Germany and Italy on a grant (1899-1902). From 1902 participated in exhibitions including Society of Russian Watercolourists, Seventh Exhibition of Community of Artists, Artist of Russian Republic over a Period of 15 Years. Draughtsman at Imperial Ceramic Factory (from 1905), and head of painting studios of State Ceramic Factory and Leningrad Ceramic Factory. Worked on agitational ceramics (1918-23).