Lev Fyodorovich Zhegin (1892-1969)

Zhegin Lev Fyodorovich. Family. 1920

Painter and graphic artist. Studied in Moscow at studio of Yuon and Dudin, MUZHVZ (1911-18) and SVOMAS (1918-19). Son of architect Shekhtel. Lived in Moscow. Founder-member of society Makovets (1922-6) and group Way of Painting (1927-30). Participated in exhibitions from 1915. Together with Chekrigin illustrated first book of Mayakovsky’s poetry, I (1913). Designed for festivals and public holidays (1918). Exhibited in Berlin (1922), Venice (1924, 1928), Paris (1925, 1928) and London (1928). On-man shows in Moscow (1967, 1970). Author of book on medieval Russian painting. Taught printing (1920-5).