• Vasily Grigorievich PEROV (1834-1882)

    Among the Peredvizhniki (organisers of mo­bile exhibitions) (The Peredvizhniki is discussed in detail in article about I.N. Kramskoi) who devoted their talent to the ‘muse of wrath and sorrow’, a special place was occupied by Vasily Perov.

  • Orest Adamovich KIPRENSKY (1782-1836)

    Orest Kiprensky, the great portraitist of the early nineteenth century, was born in the Ora-nienbaum district of Petersburg Gubernia, on an estate belonging to the landowner A. S. Diakonov. The future artist was entered in the register of Koporye church as the illegitimate son of the peasant girl Anna Gavrilova, who a year after the …

  • Silvestr Feodosievich SHCHEDRIN (1791-1830)

    Silvestr Shchedrin, the greatest Russian landscape-painter of the early nineteenth century, was the most striking exponent of the realist aspirations of the time.

  • Alexander Nikolayevich BENOIS (1870-1960)

    Alexander Benois was extremely versatile: he was a painter, a graphic, an art-critic, a lead­ing figure of the ‘World of Art’ society, a proli­fic writer on the work of Russian and foreign masters, and an outstanding scene-painter who worked in the theatres of Moscow, St. Peters­burg and in many cities in Europe and America. His …